Slogan Phone – Submitted for review

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May 062012

The first of the 4 apps I’m creating is finished, tested and submitted for review. Its a fun little tool for generating slogans on your phone and sharing them via the built in social media services and email on the phone.

The trial contains 100 slogans and the full app over 350 slogans.

Reading the fine print on the AppMeUp promo, I may have missed the free phone deal.  I’m still targeting getting another app submitted to the marketplace review before Friday 11th May.



AppMeUp – Publish 4 Apps and you get a Nokia Lumia

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May 032012

Not sure how I missed this, but its a great promotion for WP7 Devs in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

In short, publish 4 apps to the market place before June 22 2012 and you get a free Nokia Lumia 800 or 710 depending on availability.  Needless to say when I spotted this last night I cracked open VS2010 and put the majority of code down form my first app,  SloganPhone.

Whilst its not going to change the world, it will be the second Slogan generator type app on the marketplace and my version already exceeds the first in features and slogan count.  Hopefully I will be ready to submit this for review tomorrow.

Provisional titles for the two apps are Weight Mate and Alien City Attack.  Couple ideas for the final app, but I can worry about that once I have got the first one out the door.

Nothing like free stuff to be a motivator.

As usual all revenue generated by the apps will be donated to Action Duchenne.

You can find out more about the promo here:

Sep 282011

Been a while since I’ve had time to code anything, but in the last couple weeks made a push on bringing Alien Super Mega Blaster from the XBox to Windows Phone 7.

Whilst the basic port from XBox to WP7 took less than an hour, making the game playable on a phone has taken a little longer.

My initial thoughts were to use the accelerometer to control the ship, but in practise the fine control required to miss shrapnel was just not possible with this approach. As such I switched to buttons on screen and move the game play up a little to give space. Seems to work OK.

Apart from that the only changes are related to navigation running on a phone.

Having a little trouble uploading screen shots tonight, so will have to hold on until this is fixed. But if you are keen to see what it looks like, check out the Facebook page that has a couple screen shots.!/pages/Codheadz-Games/141436812583685