Maths Rush – Submitted for marketplace review

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Jun 122012

Earlier today testing on Maths Rush completed and I submitted it to the Windows Phone marketplace review.

Maths Rush is an addictive little game that challenges you to answer 50 or 100 basic maths questions before the time run outs.  The game starts out with 15 seconds on the clock.  For each question correct you get an additional 3 seconds.  Incorrect answers result in 10 seconds being deducted.  Game over when you run out of time.

So far everybody I tested the game on always asked for one more go, so hopefully it has some lasting play value.


Whilst the first version is in review development of the next release is already started.  This will include Global High Score and hopefully live tiles giving feedback on how your rank has changed.  Couple other ideas but will keep those under wraps to see how they work after a quick prototype.


Weight Mate – Available Now

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May 212012

Weight Mate passed marketplace a few days back and is available for download in the Windows Phone market place.

Its a free app for tracking your weight and displaying a little chart and is one of a series of apps for tacking values over time.

The app is free, but contains adverts.  All proceeds from revenuce for this app will be donated to Action Duchenne.  You can find out more about Action Duchenne here.

Weight Mate – Submitted for Market Review

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May 162012

The second app in my push to get 4 apps published before June 22nd has been submitted for market place review.

Weight Mate is a very simple weight tracking app for anybody who has a Windows Phone and a desire to stay healthy.

Slogan Phone – Submitted for review

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May 062012

The first of the 4 apps I’m creating is finished, tested and submitted for review. Its a fun little tool for generating slogans on your phone and sharing them via the built in social media services and email on the phone.

The trial contains 100 slogans and the full app over 350 slogans.

Reading the fine print on the AppMeUp promo, I may have missed the free phone deal.  I’m still targeting getting another app submitted to the marketplace review before Friday 11th May.



Ludum Dare 23 – Oh dear

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Apr 232012

Well the theme for Ludum Dare 23 was Tiny World and for some reason, early Saturday morning the best I could come up with whilst trying to limit the scope was something based on the the Disney boat ride “It’s a small world“.  Now in retrospect this was probably not the best idea I’ve had for a game.

The concept

If you have been on the ride you will know its a musical ride with a very catchy and incredibly annoying theme song.  The concept was that being driven mad by the song, you have to attack the characters from the ride floating in your mind to reduce the songs volume and return to sanity.  See sounds great at 3:00 am 🙂

Have a listen to see what the song sounds like if you have not had chance to experience it.

YouTube Preview Image

I also planned to use a mix of images inspired by Mary Blare who actually helped design the rides look.  The “player” would be based on the Lost Souls from Doom.  No idea why I thought this would be good mix.

No idea of how to win really, I guess I just hoped that it would fun to an extent, but was pinning my hopes of the visuals being interesting enough to hold the attention of the player.

The delivery 

 Well I have very limited time to write code, so have to make use of the night shift when the kids are asleep.  To prevent all hell the next day I force my self to sleep rather than stay up all night with a target of at least 4 hours.  Its just not fair to inflict my grumpyness on the rest of the world for a bad game.  So this gives a very limited amount of time to code in over the weekend. 

This coupled with taking on the challenge of Silverlight as a delivery medium resulted in very slow progress with the majority of my time spent fighting my lack of experience with XAML and not creating.  I do like Silverlight as a medium and may use it in future projects.

The audio, which I never actually got to record was to be myself singing/humming the theme tune.  Thankfully for all, I never recorded anything.

The game

I’m not sure I can really call it a game, but due to my lack of momentum and poor concept I threw in the towel early Sunday evening, for both the Compo and the Jam.  If you are still interested you can play/run what I have by clicking the image below:

So what I have I learnt?

  • With limited time, pick a technology that you know.  6-7 hours is not the time to take on something new.
  • If the concept is not working, drop it quickly and try something else.  If its not working after a couple hours, then 5 more are unlikely to improve it.


Ludum Dare 23 – Silverlight it is then

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Apr 192012

For this weekends up and coming Ludum Dare I have decided to step away from XNA and try something different.  Partially this is because XNA excludes a segment of the review population, but more importantly its always good to try something new. 

As such I have been hacking around with Silverlight a little this evening, specifically working through a great set of post on Christophe Geers’ Blog.

Based on the approach detailed in the blog I should be able to focus on the game aspect of LD rather than then engine aspect. 

Assuming that everything aligns I will post the “engine” level code on Friday night prior to the competition starting.