Jan 282011

So after a couple weeks of further play testing and bug fixing I’m back in peer review.  I made it in before the February 7th, 2011 dead line to submit their games made in XNA Game Studio 3.1 to peer review.  Not really a big issue in moving from 3.1 to 4.0, took around an hour last night but its been a useful deadline to work against.

Fingers crossed it will go through this time.  I’m hopeful, especially with all the issues found over the last couple weeks and super bug finding skills of Steve Pro XNA

Next on the list will be a Windows Mobile 7 version and sorting out the tax.  Thankfully Steve has come to rescue again with this great article.

Jan 242011

So many bugs and changes I could not fit them into the CC 1025 limit.

Hopefully this is the last build… been saying that for a couple months now.  Must think why the bug count is so high.  Unit testing perhaps required, but more of the arch being a little loose.

Bugs resolved

High score Non live signed in gamer
* Start game with non live signed in gamer
* Get high score
* High score should be saved

Checkpoint Non live signed in gamer
* Start game with non live signed in gamer
* Get to checkpoint
* Start new game
* Player should be able to play from checkpoint

Pause shield sound effect continues
* Play game, press X for shield
* Press Start immediately after (to pause)
* Press B to return to menu
* Shield sound effect will play forever

End game Controller rumble effect continues
* Easier to repo in trial and without high score obtained
* Play game, die
* Press A to quickly return to main menu
* Controller rubmble effect will play forever

Start level greater than 100;
* Player to checkpoint level greater than 100
* Start new game
* You should not be able to select level greater than 100

Shields get bigger and bigger, hard to repo
* Shields around player ship got bigger
* Shields around player ship got smaller

Checkpoint level not saved
* Play until checkpoint is reached.
* Die, but do not get high score.
* Checkpoint should be saved

Increased shrapnel cache size
* Large scale basting can exhaust banks and code 4

New features
* Levels greater than 100 should be random selected level between 25 and 100.  Alien types will be switched.  small blue will be small yellow.
* Once exhausted levels, message should be displayed on every level.  No checkpoints saved.

Can’t repo
*  I see one small edge case in which the controller does not rumble the first time you die but will rumble every time afterward.  Difficult to always reproduce; not a major issue

* I know any controller can access the menus but during game play, any controller can pause game; is this intentional behavior?
Yes intentional behavior.


Jan 092011

I pushed Alien Super Mega Blaster into peer review a couple days ago.   Hope full this will not take too long, but in the last 36 hours or so nobody has peer reviewed the game.  Perhaps this is a sign of things to come as it sinks into obscurity along with the other 1500+ games on XBLIG.  Anyway we shall see.  The mean time I’m going to try to review as many XBLIG as I can.  If I expect mine to be reviewed, I have I repay the service.  It’s good oppertunity to see what else is going on in a little slice of the market.

Alien Super Mega Blaster – Go Live Movie

On the coding front, after a couple hours last night I have Alien Super Mega Blaster running on my Windows Phone 7.  Surprisingly easy to move over. 

You never know, but I could be live in the phone market place before the Xbox.  🙂

Dec 302010

After several slow weeks of fixing bugs, improving the menus and resolving sone rather clumsy garbage generation  issues ASMB is back in play test.  With a bit of luck I will be submitting it for review within the week.

Had some positive feedback already, but must resist the desire for feature creep.  I have one known gameplay bug that would be nice to fix, but would be happy enough to go with it.

Last features that may make it would be as follows:

  • Allow user to resize playing area to improve pkay on smaller tvs
  • Allow user to change controller  sensitivity
  • Improved info/help on how to play/controller controls

May hold off for a service pack, but may just do them and save the bother.

Next… Port to Windows Phone 7

Sep 042010

Dropped a new build of Alien Super Mega Blaster in to play test this evening. 

Had a tougher time than expected with adding the market place and player sign in using the guide.  I missed the updates on the GamerServicesComponent and continually hit the problem of signing in looking like it had worked, but not actually being signed in.  Then on following attempts to sign in the framework throws an exception because Guide.IsVisible = true even though I could not see anything.  This blog eventually lead me to the solution.

This drop contains the following:

* Pause/Exit Game by selecting the back button
* Market place integration – This may be excessive as when in trial mode I will give the option to purchase on exit
* Trial mode is limited to play 3 levels – Again this may be excessive and if I have a large number of levels then can tweak this.  At present its in to prove that it works.
* Score multiplier displayed to player for cascading deaths of Aliens from a single bullet.  If you want big scores, then aim for the aliens at the top of the screen. – Need to review this perhaps has can end up with too many scores displayed on the screen.

ToDo for the next drop:
* More levels – currently simple algorithm to create the levels.  
* Couple more alien types with different cascading patterns.  Example Alien that when hit shoots shrapnel left and right rather just down.
* Player death is a non event with regards to graphics, so need to think about options here.

* More Levels
* Music
* Options Menu – Sound, Sensitivity, Perhaps Autofire or Button config.

Aug 232010

This weekend was the 18th Ludum Dare 48 hour game compention.  For the first time I managed to submit an entry. 


YouTube FireFighter 13-08-2010 – Menus

You can download the exe and source on this page:


If you do, let me know what you think.

Hmm 48 hours to get this far…..  I could push for a week and get this in XBLIG…..

Aug 132010

Couple You Tube videos of work in progress. Still lots of bugs after a major refactor of the state engine.


Menus need a lot of work, but you can see the ability to customise your play switching levels or selecting a custom play mode.

YouTube FireFighter 13-08-2010 – Menus

Game Play

Game play needs play balancing, plus a number of other game additions. This shows more of the game play.

YouTube  FireFighter 13-08-2010 Game Play

Sep 052009

Ever since I had my first home computer I’ve always played and loved creating games.

My current project is called Fire Fighter (working title) and is simple XNA game inspired by my sons love of fire engines and emergency stuff. The idea is to display a 2D image of a building that is on fire and the player has to put the fire out with a big water gushing hose.

Very early days, but will be recording the progress on this blog over the coming weeks/months.

Hopefully it will get polished enough to publish as an Indie game, only time will tell, but that would certainly be cool.

Once I sort out why I can’t upload images I’ll post some in work in progress screen shots and videos.