Rudolph – Available Now

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Dec 052013

Help Santa find Rudolph to pull his sleigh on Christmas Eve. The quicker you find him, the higher your score.

Festive family fun for all.

Available for:

Windows 8:

Windows Phone: Coming soon

Snowmen – Available Now

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Dec 042013
Snowmen are not complete without noses. Help the snowmen by tapping those without a nose.
Frosty,  Frozen, Family game for all.

App features

  • Snowmen
  • Frost
  • High Scores
  • Simple Menus for Children

Available now.

Windows 8:

Windows Phone: Coming soon.

Piggy Pops – Available Now

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Dec 042013

Find the Popping Pig as quick as you can. The quicker you find them, the higher your score.

Fun game for the whole family.

Bearz – Available Now

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Sep 142013
If you go down to the woods today you’re sure of a big surprise!
Fun game for all to enjoy.  The quicker you find the Popper the higher your score.



Windows 8:

Windows Phone:

Bearz is also my One Game a Month entry for September.

New apps for Windows 8, Windows Store and Android

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Apr 152013

In the last few months I’ve released a bunch of new apps for both Windows Store, Windows Phone and even Android.



It does what is says on the tin, if it had a tin. Simple card/task management. Create a board, add some columns, add some cards, drag cards to columns, edit and share.


  • Multiple Boards
  • Drag and Drop Cards
  • Share boards and cards using the Share Charm
  • Import and Export to backup your data
  • Clean Modern UI
  • No fluff
  • Post It Note style Mangement
  • Great for Kanban

Available for Windows 8

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Available for Windows 8 and Windows Phone

Blinking Owl

Find the owl that blinks as quick as you can by clicking or tapping on a touch screen.

Available for Windows 8, Windows Phone and Android

Alien Super Mega Blaster for Windows 8

Hours of blasting fun now available on Windows 8.

Available for Windows 8, Windows Phone and Xbox

Next Train Ireland

Need to know the next train due at a Irish Station, then this is the app for you.

Available for Windows Phone

Maths Rush for WP7- Available Now

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Jun 232012

Maths Rush for Windows Phone 7 is now available to download from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Based on the stats people are playing it over and over again.  I know I am.

As with all the all the apps/games I currently make, all revenue generated will be donated to Action Duchenne.  You can find out all about Action Duchenne here.

You can find Maths Rush here.

Global high scores are in test and will be submitted for review in the next couple days.

Maths Rush – Submitted for marketplace review

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Jun 122012

Earlier today testing on Maths Rush completed and I submitted it to the Windows Phone marketplace review.

Maths Rush is an addictive little game that challenges you to answer 50 or 100 basic maths questions before the time run outs.  The game starts out with 15 seconds on the clock.  For each question correct you get an additional 3 seconds.  Incorrect answers result in 10 seconds being deducted.  Game over when you run out of time.

So far everybody I tested the game on always asked for one more go, so hopefully it has some lasting play value.


Whilst the first version is in review development of the next release is already started.  This will include Global High Score and hopefully live tiles giving feedback on how your rank has changed.  Couple other ideas but will keep those under wraps to see how they work after a quick prototype.


Sep 282011

Been a while since I’ve had time to code anything, but in the last couple weeks made a push on bringing Alien Super Mega Blaster from the XBox to Windows Phone 7.

Whilst the basic port from XBox to WP7 took less than an hour, making the game playable on a phone has taken a little longer.

My initial thoughts were to use the accelerometer to control the ship, but in practise the fine control required to miss shrapnel was just not possible with this approach. As such I switched to buttons on screen and move the game play up a little to give space. Seems to work OK.

Apart from that the only changes are related to navigation running on a phone.

Having a little trouble uploading screen shots tonight, so will have to hold on until this is fixed. But if you are keen to see what it looks like, check out the Facebook page that has a couple screen shots.!/pages/Codheadz-Games/141436812583685

Feb 052011

All those months ago I created a litlle game called Alien Super Mega Blaster as part of LD18 – Enemies as Weapons.

Early today it passed the final peer review and is now available for purchase on the Xbox Live Indie Games channel here:

All the proceeds I receive from the game will be donated to Action Duchenne, a charity established to find a cure or more effective medicines to treat Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

In the months between the compo and yesterday I’ve added sound and music, new alien types and over 100 hand crafted levels of blasting fun.