Jan 092011

I pushed Alien Super Mega Blaster into peer review a couple days ago.   Hope full this will not take too long, but in the last 36 hours or so nobody has peer reviewed the game.  Perhaps this is a sign of things to come as it sinks into obscurity along with the other 1500+ games on XBLIG.  Anyway we shall see.  The mean time I’m going to try to review as many XBLIG as I can.  If I expect mine to be reviewed, I have I repay the service.  It’s good oppertunity to see what else is going on in a little slice of the market.

Alien Super Mega Blaster – Go Live Movie

On the coding front, after a couple hours last night I have Alien Super Mega Blaster running on my Windows Phone 7.  Surprisingly easy to move over. 

You never know, but I could be live in the phone market place before the Xbox.  🙂

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