Jan 242011

So many bugs and changes I could not fit them into the CC 1025 limit.

Hopefully this is the last build… been saying that for a couple months now.  Must think why the bug count is so high.  Unit testing perhaps required, but more of the arch being a little loose.

Bugs resolved

High score Non live signed in gamer
* Start game with non live signed in gamer
* Get high score
* High score should be saved

Checkpoint Non live signed in gamer
* Start game with non live signed in gamer
* Get to checkpoint
* Start new game
* Player should be able to play from checkpoint

Pause shield sound effect continues
* Play game, press X for shield
* Press Start immediately after (to pause)
* Press B to return to menu
* Shield sound effect will play forever

End game Controller rumble effect continues
* Easier to repo in trial and without high score obtained
* Play game, die
* Press A to quickly return to main menu
* Controller rubmble effect will play forever

Start level greater than 100;
* Player to checkpoint level greater than 100
* Start new game
* You should not be able to select level greater than 100

Shields get bigger and bigger, hard to repo
* Shields around player ship got bigger
* Shields around player ship got smaller

Checkpoint level not saved
* Play until checkpoint is reached.
* Die, but do not get high score.
* Checkpoint should be saved

Increased shrapnel cache size
* Large scale basting can exhaust banks and code 4

New features
* Levels greater than 100 should be random selected level between 25 and 100.  Alien types will be switched.  small blue will be small yellow.
* Once exhausted levels, message should be displayed on every level.  No checkpoints saved.

Can’t repo
*  I see one small edge case in which the controller does not rumble the first time you die but will rumble every time afterward.  Difficult to always reproduce; not a major issue

* I know any controller can access the menus but during game play, any controller can pause game; is this intentional behavior?
Yes intentional behavior.


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