New apps for Windows 8, Windows Store and Android

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Apr 152013

In the last few months I’ve released a bunch of new apps for both Windows Store, Windows Phone and even Android.



It does what is says on the tin, if it had a tin. Simple card/task management. Create a board, add some columns, add some cards, drag cards to columns, edit and share.


  • Multiple Boards
  • Drag and Drop Cards
  • Share boards and cards using the Share Charm
  • Import and Export to backup your data
  • Clean Modern UI
  • No fluff
  • Post It Note style Mangement
  • Great for Kanban

Available for Windows 8

Total Lorem Ipsum

Total Lorem Ipsum will choose a random selection of words from your text source and combine them into sentences and combine those sentences into paragraphs. You can request very specific criteria for your generated text or just let the defaults go to work. Lorum Ipsum is placeholder text used when designing apps and web sites.

Available for Windows 8 and Windows Phone

Blinking Owl

Find the owl that blinks as quick as you can by clicking or tapping on a touch screen.

Available for Windows 8, Windows Phone and Android

Alien Super Mega Blaster for Windows 8

Hours of blasting fun now available on Windows 8.

Available for Windows 8, Windows Phone and Xbox

Next Train Ireland

Need to know the next train due at a Irish Station, then this is the app for you.

Available for Windows Phone