Mar 162012

Well in less than a week Ludum Dare 23 kicks off.  Its been a while since I was able enter and the last few I have either had family commitments, lack of motivation or never managed to hit the ground running with enough momentum to carry it through to completion.

My most complete attempts were Jungle Explorer – LD16 and Alien Super Mega Blaster – LD18 which went on to be published on the XBOX and WP7 for charity.

More recent attempts I seemed to fall flat short of insperation with the theme.

I’m planning to give it another go this time and see what I can come up with.  A number of my personal projects have recently stalled and hopefully this will be the kick I need to get some code down and complete something.

All my previous attempts have used XNA, whilst this is my prefered tool for writing games its some what of a barrier when it comes to getting people to play.  So this time I may try either Silverlight or HTML5.  This risk here is I spend my time fighting my knowledge of the platform and not creating.  I have a few days between now and kick off so may grab a little time for a warm up app.

You never know, I may try a timelapse again…..

YouTube Preview Image