Sep 282011

Been a while since I’ve had time to code anything, but in the last couple weeks made a push on bringing Alien Super Mega Blaster from the XBox to Windows Phone 7.

Whilst the basic port from XBox to WP7 took less than an hour, making the game playable on a phone has taken a little longer.

My initial thoughts were to use the accelerometer to control the ship, but in practise the fine control required to miss shrapnel was just not possible with this approach. As such I switched to buttons on screen and move the game play up a little to give space. Seems to work OK.

Apart from that the only changes are related to navigation running on a phone.

Having a little trouble uploading screen shots tonight, so will have to hold on until this is fixed. But if you are keen to see what it looks like, check out the Facebook page that has a couple screen shots.!/pages/Codheadz-Games/141436812583685