Sep 042010

Dropped a new build of Alien Super Mega Blaster in to play test this evening. 

Had a tougher time than expected with adding the market place and player sign in using the guide.  I missed the updates on the GamerServicesComponent and continually hit the problem of signing in looking like it had worked, but not actually being signed in.  Then on following attempts to sign in the framework throws an exception because Guide.IsVisible = true even though I could not see anything.  This blog eventually lead me to the solution.

This drop contains the following:

* Pause/Exit Game by selecting the back button
* Market place integration – This may be excessive as when in trial mode I will give the option to purchase on exit
* Trial mode is limited to play 3 levels – Again this may be excessive and if I have a large number of levels then can tweak this.  At present its in to prove that it works.
* Score multiplier displayed to player for cascading deaths of Aliens from a single bullet.  If you want big scores, then aim for the aliens at the top of the screen. – Need to review this perhaps has can end up with too many scores displayed on the screen.

ToDo for the next drop:
* More levels – currently simple algorithm to create the levels.  
* Couple more alien types with different cascading patterns.  Example Alien that when hit shoots shrapnel left and right rather just down.
* Player death is a non event with regards to graphics, so need to think about options here.

* More Levels
* Music
* Options Menu – Sound, Sensitivity, Perhaps Autofire or Button config.