Dec 162009

What is Ludum Dare?

Ludum Dare is a regular community driven game development competition. The goal is, given a theme and 48 hours, to develop a game from scratch. Ludum Dare aims to encourage game design experimentation, and provide a platform to develop and practice rapid game prototyping. Our hope is that your Ludum Dare games become the seed for a larger or commercial game projects.

This was my first Ludum Dare, but have been following the competition for the last couple years if not longer.  I did not manage to finish my entry in time, but did really enjoy the process.  Having family time at the weekend is very important to me, so my coding time was limited to around 5-6 hours over 2 days.





Download Game:

Download Source:

To run this you will need either the XNA studio 3.1 or the XNA redist from the link below: 

What did not go so well

  • Did not finish the game to a level ready to submit before the deadline
  • No sound
  • No prepared engine, other than XNA
  • Lack of time
  • Giving up with an hour to go, when so close 🙁

What went well

  • Keeping the concept as simple as possible to give me a hope during the very short amount of time available
  • Coding with high velocity freed from my usual constraints of IOC and unit testing
  • Ignoring my ball of mud engine and coding from nothing
  • Getting 90% of it done 🙂

Here’s looking forward to the next one.