Sep 202009

Since my last post I’ve been working on a number of different aspects to the Fire Fighter game.   Most of  these have been around the core mechanics of the game and it now is starting to come together a little more.  For example its now possible to light a fire, let it burn and then extinguish using the hose.  All the “magic numbers” are now in a config file that is watched for changes and is reflected in the game in real time.  This is a great advantage over stopping, rebuilding and then running.  I’ll post a you tube video in the next day or so, but in the mean time here is a very dull screen shot.



Sep 152009

As previously mentioned I’m writing a a game called Fire Fighter for my son who often spends his time playing emergencies with his hot wheels collection.

The core game play will consist of a static 2d image of a building, overlayed with a fire.  This is the “The Grid” mentioned in several other posts.  As you can guess the player has to extinguish the flames by directing a jet of water at the flames.  Not the most original idea, but something I think a 5 year would love to do.  With a big splattering of sirens and flashing lights I hope he will think its prity cool.

Once the flames are out, the player is onto the next fire.

Player builds his score by the rate he puts out the fire saving properties.  Let the fire burn, less of the building is saved and the player score is lower.  The quicker its out, the higher the score.  I’m also thinking about mechanisms to allow palyers to be better at putting out fires quicker.  Examples such as button mashing or rythm could be used to increase the water flow. 

Depending on how qucikly I progress on the core mini game, others could be added, but first of all the focus is the basic put fire out.  Other mini games could include the transition between one incident to the next or other types of rescue.

A long way left to go before it’s finished, but I think at least the core scope is small enough to be delivered.

Sep 062009

The following is a screen shot of the grid which makes up the core mechanics of the game.   Once I prove to myself this is going to work I’ll explain more about it.

This screen shot also shows a Safe Area overlay component and a FPS component.

Sep 052009

So shortly after installing I hit a problem when uploading images via the Add Entry form.  On clicking the “Upload” button after selecting a file I was redirected to a 404 error page.

After a bit of poking around I found the problem and here’s how I did it.

First things first, I needed to get hold of the actual information about the error.  To do this I made the following tweaks to the web.config.

<customErrors mode="Off" defaultRedirect="~/error404.aspx">
<compilation debug="true" > 

This allowed me to see the actual error, I don’t have a screen shot, but by looking in the code I could see a permissions problem creating the folder structure under the App_Data/Files folder.  After searching around in my web hosts admin contol panel I could not finding anything related to security other than an already checked checkbox title “Website Write Permissions” so I tried a different approach.

I manually created the folder structure as show below above in the hope that I would have the permissions to create files.

This worked and I now have the ability to upload images.  Last of all I reverted the changes to the web.config.

Not the best solution, but at least I’m up and running.

Sep 052009

Ever since I had my first home computer I’ve always played and loved creating games.

My current project is called Fire Fighter (working title) and is simple XNA game inspired by my sons love of fire engines and emergency stuff. The idea is to display a 2D image of a building that is on fire and the player has to put the fire out with a big water gushing hose.

Very early days, but will be recording the progress on this blog over the coming weeks/months.

Hopefully it will get polished enough to publish as an Indie game, only time will tell, but that would certainly be cool.

Once I sort out why I can’t upload images I’ll post some in work in progress screen shots and videos.